Pagan Wedding - Pagan Rings

The ancient pagan Romans were probably responsible for beginning the use of engagement and wedding rings. They wore the ring on the third finger of the left hand because they believed that a vein from this finger runs directly to the heart. Although most people no longer believe in this superstitious idea, they still wear wedding rings on the third finger of the left hand.

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The ancient Romans wore finger rings not only to effect healing but also to poison one or others. A liquid poison, probably the poison fang of snake, was placed in a small cavity in the bezel. A spring was connected to the cavity in such a way that the murderer only by shaking the hand of the enemy could kill him.

The meaning of the wedding ring as a symbol of marital commitment finds its origin in pagan mythology and superstitions. The investment of this pagan symbol with a sacred Christian meaning, lead to a secularization of the symbol itself and the wedding rings have completely lost their pagan meaning.

In spite of the attempts made by church leaders to restrict the use of rings only to one plain marital ring, many Christians throughout the centuries have worn all sorts of rings to adorn themselves than to express their marital commitment.

Although the wedding ring finds its origin in paganism, which is against God, it has no Biblical sanction or sacredness

Wedding and wedding rings

The roundness of the wedding ring is said to represent eternity and to symbolize unending love, devotion and that the couple is forever united in the marriage bond. This is un-Scriptural symbolism, for the Bible declares that marriage union is only for time, only for as long as both of the marriage partners live physically. The increasing divorce rate in many countries where married persons usually wear a wedding ring proves that this meaning is not real.

Even there is no directly mentioning of wedding ring in the Bible, it is plain that Jehovah's servants could wear rings. A wedding ring is not a Christian requirement. The decisions whether one want or not to wear the ring is a person one, to be made accord with the conscientious views one holds.

Christians do not give any symbolic meaning to a wedding ring, even though they cultivate these qualities in marriage. For the majority of persons, including Christians, in lands where wedding rings are common, the wedding ring ensures nothing, it merely serves public notice of married estate.