History of Ruby Engagement Rings

Rubies are gorgeous rare stones and they are perfect for engagement rings. In fact, rubies are considered one of four precious stones in line with the emerald, sapphire and diamond.

Rubies are the second hardest gemstone after the diamond. They are one of 8 Corundum gemstones which are very hard and composed of aluminum oxide. Another example of such stones is sapphires.

The prices of the ruby engagement ring vary widely and depend on a bright stone color, the weight, shape, size, hue of the ruby or a large carat size. Color is the most important feature of a ruby and transparency is second. A precision cut is very important too to make the most of the stone. Synthetic or imitation rubies have been around for over a century but it is rare to find a natural over 3-carats in size ruby.

Ruby egagement ring picture

Each ruby has different color tone and color shade. Factors that will measure the quality of the ruby are the shade and color tone of the stone. It is a symbol of truth, trust and uniqueness because every ruby on the Earth has a different color and hues, making it unique. Rubies are also known as the ''Stone of Nobility'' and it is said their metaphysical properties gather and amplify energy and bring light, contentment and peace into one's life. In fact, legend says the ruby is capable of reconciling lover's quarrels. According to this legend if the course of true love is not running smoothly, the color of the ruby gemstone in the engagement ring will darken. Combined with traditional white diamonds, the ruby engagement ring symbolizes life, love and commitment.

Ruby symbolizes love, devotion, integrity, courage, vitality and happiness.

Red color is closely associated with fire and blood, so red rubies are associated with warmth and life for humankind.

Rubies are the birthstone of people born in July.

The word ''ruby'' is derived from Latin word ''ruben'' meaning red.

The world's finest rubies are found in Burma while some rubies are also found in Afghanistan, Australia, India, Madagascar, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam and the United States.

Perhaps the most famous ruby engagement ring in modern times is the ring Prince Andrew gave to Fergie, Duchess of York. This made rubies more popular than ever in wedding rings.

Ruby egagement ring picture