History of Emerald Engagement Rings

The emerald is said to be more precious and rare than a diamond. The emerald is completely unique, from the way it is formed to its beautiful color. This is the reason why the emerald is one of the most desirable gemstones for an engagement ring.

Although emeralds are known for their beauty and attractiveness; there are several other characteristics associated with these gemstones. In ancient days, it was believed that this stone has healing powers, to provide a cure for everything from leprosy to dysentery and hence, people were advised to wear it.

Emeralds stand for youthfulness and permanence of love and emerald engagement rings symbolize love and all the meanings associated with love. It is no surprise that King Edward VIII presented his beloved Wallis Simpson an emerald engagement ring. These days, these rings are very popular as they are different from the traditional diamond engagement rings.

Emerald egagement ring picture

The word emerald derives from the Greek word ''smaragdos'' meaning green stones.

In comparison with some other precious stones, the color of an emerald cannot be precisely defined. Its colors vary in range from green to green blue and yellow green. The most valuable color for an emerald is typically a blue-green. Emeralds with some brown or yellow coloring or hues are not considered as valuable. The emeralds green color is influenced by the amount of chromium found in the silicate. There are actually two types of emeralds: the Brazilian and Columbian emerald.

Emeralds come in a variety of shapes, including a square, round, oval, princess cut, asscher cut, heart shaped. White diamonds and emeralds are perfect combination due to their contrasting colors.

Emerald egagement ring picture
Emerald egagement ring picture